The Stairs







Google Photo’s Edition Tools

I’ve never use before the photo editing tools that Google offers with the Google Photo web app and I think it is actually pretty effective and friendly user. You can easily add effects to a picture like blur of light leak. But you can also work on contrast and luminosity, saturation on specific region in the picture.

Of course this app work with JPG format and if you want to work on RAW you’ll need to install a third party app that, without any surprise, need to know and share everything about you and your personal info. But this toll basically might be really useful if you are travelling or if you shoot only in JPG. Here are some shot edited with this app.

The snowshoes picture and the outdoor ice rink one have been taken with my Nexus Phone.

In order to use this app,  create a Google Account and then when you are logged in, use the app menu to reach the Photo app.

Last Dawn


Downtown Traffic




«…There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk…»
Jean-Paul Sartre

Music by The Cinematic Orchestra

La Lune ne sera jamais que ce que le Soleil veut bien

Hoody Selfie


Éruption du Mont Royal