Black & White with Nik

Some of you already know this picture. I wanted to process it again with Nik Collection and I pretty much love the result.



Charlevoix in Sienna-Blue

I had been criticized lately. Criticized by a photographer that is following my work since a while. I was wondering why she never gives any comment or appreciation on my work.

Now I know…

I’ve learned from her that she doesn’t like the fact that my whole website is in English. « You are a francophone, you live in a french city, this is the main reason your work doesn’t talk to me…»

Seriously I was shocked!

I switch to English about a year ago because I wanted to be understood by the whole world. No matter if you are German, Greek, Palestinian, if I write in English, you’ll understand me. That’s it!

That doesn’t mean I am not proud of where I am from… I have even kept a french word in this website’s title, Just to emphasize on this aspect of my culture.

Anyway, here is, in picture, a part of me. A part of my culture and a part of my country.

For you, in English, from the St-Laurent

Merci de me suivre.

Little Helper


Gold & Blue