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I See Spring




Concrete II



Laporte’s Bridge


Breathing, Cold air, Winds and Snow

Yesterday night we had lot of snow and it was quite windy. The snow stopped during the night but the wind stayed until nearly midday. The wind was blowing on each roof and this give the impression that it is actually snowing. But it isn’t.

So, after work I decided to walk instead of using the bus. I walked 6 Km (3.75 miles) breathing cold air and this is something really soothing.

I went back walking downtown today for another 2 km.


Another City Tour

That was pretty cold today. We reach a chill factor of -25°C (-13°F) on the top of the hill. Again, I refused to wear my mittens until I faced a dead-end… The fact is that this is not obvious to photograph with them.

Hope you like those pictures. Take care!

Happy New Year… Anyway.


Needed Winter

There is something really irritating this year here in the lowlands.  We went out last night by the place we use to go for sliding down the slope. This is usually a place with a 8 foot height snowbank (minimum) and yesterday, we could see the grass… I mean we could have settled up a picnic. Ski centers are going bankrupt and snow removal companies are getting rich. Our habits are in turmoil.

I couldn’t even use my snowshoes yet… Couldn’t get any picture of this strong and respected winter. I should have go in New York to meet my WP friends…

At least, Canada has defeated USA in this mythic New Year’s Eve hockey night (I know, I know… third goal wasn’t good…)

Still, the thermometer was showing a cool and atmospheric -20°C (-4°F) by the St-Lawrence river and the Moon was preparing her next intervention. We spent the evening outside at the kids winter park but we went back home with a gap in our needs.

Happy new year… anyway

Now I understand people under the 45th parallel that doesn’t like winter. No outside ice rink… No snow…

I wish to everybody in 2015, a 8 foot snowbank with a crazy carpet. If you never tried this, you will reborn for sure. Try it with kids and you will reborn to a higher level.

I wish to all of you a happy year…