Painting Effect

Waltz of Celestial Bodies


Taken from the wall, at St-John’s gate. A look to the Old Quebec, with the Price building to the left and the Chateau Frontenac in the middle, in the background.

Having fun with Photoshop.

Scene of December 25th 2015







Sliding on Fluid


« I see music as fluid architecture »
Joni Mitchell

Bike Shooting

I was wondering… Should I go shooting or biking? Why not both? So this is what I did. Fresh air, rolling slowly, beautiful nature. I’ve seen some white tail but couldn’t picture them. We had a bit of snow this morning. Winter is slowly taking place. Good news!

The Office


Linux & friends to the garbage…

I tried very hard… Seriously. Yet I use to love those software when I started photography, but when you learn to use Adobe, you can’t get back to those software. They’re just destroying my pictures. I bought a software from Steam called Pixeluvo and… Well it’s a good software but there is no real RAW support. When I try to bring details out… Like I just said I feel like destroying the whole picture.

So I am back on Windows 10 and Adobe CC.

Having fun with Pixeluvo


Pixeluvo for Linux Mint is pretty interesting so far. This is nothing like Adobe Photoshop but it is so much funnier than GIMP. I am giving it a try for few days and coming back to you with more info.

Take care…

That Monk

The one that wasn’t actually a monk…