Every Woman Behind a Counter in Every Small Town


i seem to recognize your face
haunting, familiar, yet i can’t seem to place it
cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
lifetimes are catching up with me
all these changes taking place, i wish i’d seen the place
but no one’s ever taken me
hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away…
hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away…
i swear i recognize your breath
memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
me, you wouldn’t recall, for i’m not my former
it’s hard when, you’re stuck upon the shelf
i changed by not changing at all, small town predicts my fate
perhaps that’s what no one wants to see
i just want to scream…hello…
my god its been so long, never dreamed you’d return
but now here you are, and here i am
hearts and thoughts they fade…away…
hearts and thoughts they fade…away…
hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away…
hearts and thoughts they fade…

Pearl Jam

Aim Of A Captain

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.
Thomas Aquinas


Black & White with Nik

Some of you already know this picture. I wanted to process it again with Nik Collection and I pretty much love the result.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent

“This week, show us your interpretation of descent — experiment with your point of view and angle, or go even deeper with the theme.” WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


So here is the Leter’s house from Quebec city’s Little Champlain Neighborhood. This house have been built on 1686.

Eastern Morning

Think Winter





Noir et Blanc sur Sainte-Catherine





En shooting cette fin de semaine.

Tout y est : Le temps, le trépied, la ville, la saison. Mais y a des fois où il ne faut pas trop y croire. Une heure à la fois. Le reste viendra.

Limites Théoriques


L’homme ne prend conscience de son être que dans les situations limites.
Karl Jaspers

Côte de la Fabrique



C’était au printemps passé. La même fin de semaine où je suis allé à Port-au-Persil. Je suis monté jusqu’à Baie-St-Catherine et, c’est le plus loin que je suis allé jusqu’à présent sur la côte Nord du St-Laurent.

À ma gauche coule le Fjord du Saguenay et il se jette dans le fleuve juste en face de ce phare. En fait Baie-Ste-Catherine est à la croisée de ces deux majestueux cours d’eau.