Bike Shooting

I was wondering… Should I go shooting or biking? Why not both? So this is what I did. Fresh air, rolling slowly, beautiful nature. I’ve seen some white tail but couldn’t picture them. We had a bit of snow this morning. Winter is slowly taking place. Good news!


My New Playground

I was trying lately to match the perfect place to ride with my new bike :


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The Black Canyon Trail

Back to work

It’s done, already… I did not rest as I would have liked to but I will be ok.

My job is giving me time for myself. I mean when I am done at 4 o’ clock, I am done for real. I am going home and I can free my mind from anything, almost… And also, I have two more weeks off at Christmas holidays.

But there is something new since few months…

I have few challenges that keeps me alive. Of course I want to improve my photographs… But also I still have 20 pounds that still have to be lost (55 lost to date). But all that « losing weight » thing brought something new in my life. It’s the desire to improve my fitness… And I just bought a mountain bike lately.

So, riding that bike, having fun in the wood, in the mud, or just run that 25 minutes each evening is giving me a lot to occupy my mind…. and to free my mind.

Monday is gonna be a new day. There is a lot coming ahead…