Tabled Camera


14 thoughts on “Tabled Camera

    1. I am not sure… I asked Google translation about this and this is the answer that gave. Basically, it’s a photo taken with the camera dropped somewhere. When you don’t hold it in your hand. Like in the middle of the street or, on a bench.

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      1. Oh, got it. In a couple of your photos…it seemed something like that…camera on the ground level. Thanks. Apparently, I have taken a few tabled camera shots myself!


  1. Excellente idée!
    Je le fais rarement, mais à en juger par tes clichés, je devrais faire ça plus souvent, le rendu est extra, et on voit les chose complètement différemment!
    Good job!


    1. You are right Emilio, it’s like seeing it for the first time. A new way to look at it. And that blur gives the impression to be seen as a mouse do. Really from another world. Thank you! 🙂

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