Bike Shooting

I was wondering… Should I go shooting or biking? Why not both? So this is what I did. Fresh air, rolling slowly, beautiful nature. I’ve seen some white tail but couldn’t picture them. We had a bit of snow this morning. Winter is slowly taking place. Good news!


The Breeze


The Office


Two Weeks on Linux

Compared to what I had with Adobe product, it is like hell… And I don’t want to bash the work done by the community, I just want to state what is it actually.

I have the firm impression that Darktable is actually destroying my images. I can’t get details out without breaking every pixels in blurred zones. It is impossible to lower high light zone without destroying, again. Briefly, you can’t do anything without destroying the whole picture.

Those guys at Adobe’s office are doing a great job, and they’re working on it every day instead of those guys from the free software community who are working on it when they have time for.

This is why they bring back in each update the same old filters that no one care and no one use anymore. This is why we can’t work on files that uses more than 8 bits. Well finally this is why I am loosing interest in working on my pictures.

But in the mean time I decided to try something new. I did transfer some pic to my Google Photo cloud and then tried to work on some of those from Snapseed, a photo retouching program for mobiles and tablets. And the result gave me more fun than what I could get with GIMP/Darktable.

Here are few example. Pictures have been taken with my old Canon but processed in Snapseed.





Downtown Aroma


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The Bench


Going Uptown


The backyard


Pignon sur Rue




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