This is The End

Well, I had a lot of pleasure. Photography gave me a lot. But I feel it that way.

Scenes From The St-Laurent has come to an end. I got to go somewhere else. I am selling my camera (if you need one).

If someday I get back to photography, it will be under another name, another blog. Maybe one day. But this project is done.

Thanks to for gaving us access to this marvelous web plateform. Thanks to all my friends and to all this beautiful people I met here. That was great.

Wishing you the best.



36 thoughts on “This is The End

  1. This is an especially sad day for me Mario ☹️ I enjoyed all of the great images you shared on your websites and also the black and white images you shared with us on Monochromia. I hope you will get back into photography one day and once again share your talent with us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the help you gave me designing and organizing Monochromia and helping me work through various startup problems with my personal site The Visual Chronicle. We have been blogging cyber buddies for quite a while (you were one of my original followers) and hopefully I will get to meet you sometime before this year is up. When I do the cold beers are on me my. Bon Voyage my dear friend and I hope to hear from you soon..

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  2. It was nice to meet you here. Each end allows new things, so parting is only partly sad. The other half is hope and tension.
    I wish you the best, keep your creativity. Maybe someday we will meet again.

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  3. Dear Mario,
    I’m sad to see this update. Like many others I enjoyed your photography very much. Thank you for sharing with us during these years, and wish you all the best.

    Take care and warm wishes from Japan,

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  4. Thank you so much for all the great images you have shared with us, Mario! I think many photo bloggers get tired even though they love shooting. Me too. All the best to you!

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  5. Mario, I’m very sad to see you closed the blog… I understand, but I’m sad nevertheless, hope someday you find again inspiration to pick up the camera and start a new project … Sending good vibes your way, hope you are well in these crazy times, stay safe! xx

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    1. Thank you Alexandra 🙂 You brought warmth to my heart. Nice to read you again. I was trying to find your « new » virtual place… 😉 Hope everything is fine for you guys too. Take care. ❤

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  6. I tried to reach you by mail, I was wondering and worried how you are doing… hope all is well… you are missed…take care too ♥

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