Capture One For Sony (Express)

Lately I decided to drop Creative Cloud (well I droped the monthly fees…), once again and I decided to give back another try to Capture One form Phase One. The Sony’s Express version is very affordable (55$) for what it gives and I am more than comfortable with the output result.


I hope to find some time to go out shooting very soon… Hope you’re all doing well.

17 thoughts on “Capture One For Sony (Express)

  1. lovely capture!!
    I use CC but is a shame I haven’t even had the time to check out everything it offers, like LR…
    hope you have more free time for photos in December, Mario 🙂


  2. I have no idea ad to what any of these programs or cloud things are – but I sure love your photo here- such a nice mood you grabbed – the condensation – the spoon – part of the cup/glasses, etc,


    1. I have been on vacation since December 22nd and since then we have had no day above -20°c we have wind chills that give from -25 to -35°c. Twelve days of intense cold. Siberia and Antarctica is nothing compared… 🙂 But I really hope to be able to do photography very soon. Thank you for visiting me, belle Alexandra.

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