A Month With My Sony a6000




I was expecting a lot from my new camera and I can say that I am not at all disappointed. I would like to list here weaknesses and strengths.

Strengths :

  • It’s a light weight. 
  • A lot of Mpx – 24Mpx
  • It’s fast – 11 shots/second
  • A fast autofocus
  • Tilting 3″ LCD – But I am not using it…

Weaknesses :

  • Poor battery life – If you do photo for more than 4 hours, you’ll need this and this. And it frustrates me a little in the long run…
  • It’s an electronic viewfinder – It’s hard to get used to it…

But apart from that…

…appart from mega pixels and the big camera… There is one thing that fascinates me. I took the time to stop on some new blogs in the last few weeks and, I realized that many managed to get my attention while they had no professional cameras at all. They just can capture the essential.

So no matter how many mega pixels you own. If you can transmit emotions in your photos, you already have 90% captured. Congrats to all those who can do it with minimum equipement. I am not sure I could do it…

7 thoughts on “A Month With My Sony a6000

  1. Outstanding images Mario 🙂 I noticed the image of the key partially frozen to some water. Its hard to believe that your weather up there has been so cold. My favorite image of course is the inside of the cabin because I love to explore places like this myself. The whole series of images are very nicely done. BTW I saw the image you uploaded and I will email you before it goes live.

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