Sony a6000 with kit lens… Go for the body only!


Since I bought that Sony a6000, each time I went out for shooting, except once, I had to shoot on cloudy day. But in fact it is a good thing because I can at least tell you something about it : If you want that a6000, take the body and buy separate lens ! I thought it would do something good. I’ve been told it would do a nice job. It does±, but with light. Even there, My T3 kit with the Tamron lens were giving something better. Now I have to sell those lens… ^^ And buy something better. One could be happy with that kit. But not me.

Have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Sony a6000 with kit lens… Go for the body only!

  1. Ce fut mon cadeau de noël il y a un an. Beaucoup de temps pour l’apprivoiser. Surtout au cours de mon voyage aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine à la fin de l’été dernier, quand j’ai pris le temps de m’y familiariser en profondeur. Je l’adore pour la prise de photo discrète. sur la rue, dans les endroits publics. Sa légèreté. J’en suis très satisfait.

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