First day out with my a6000

Today was a test day with my new toy. I went to spend the early part of the day downtown with my 17-50mm and then went to the beach to try my 55-210mm.

I have to say that I did some tests the previous night and I was not impressed. Maybe I had to warm up the sensor? That being said, I was quite amazed by the results of my catch on my return home. It’s a bit destabilizing at first. This is my first time with a mirrorless camera and I had to stop several times to look out in the settings.

Manual focusing is somewhat difficult. The screen displays magnified the view and, once the focus is done, it return to normal view and we can shoot. It’s great in a certain way because it makes it possible to make a perfect focus. But in other circumstances, I go back to automatic focus.

Another aspect that I really did not like is the duration of the battery. I took 299 photos between 10am and 2:30 pm today. When I arrived home the stack was up to 30%. I never had to worry about the duration of the battery with my Canon. When I came home, the battery always had 3 bars out of 3. Anyway…

But for the quality of the images, I make a real leap forward. More details, better colors and contrasts. I feel like I’m reviving! Even my 55-210mm gives me good results.

So from today, I’ll be posting pictures from a Sony a6000 (an sometimes from my Nexus 5x) and I’ll be editing with Snapseed for Android. Which is the best free editing tool in my own opinion. Maybe ‘ll give another chance to Nik Software, maybe…

Nice to meet you all again 😉



7 thoughts on “First day out with my a6000

  1. Looking great Mario I’m glad you are getting accustomed to the camera. Battery life on all mirrorless cameras is less, it’s just a fact of life. When I first switched from Nikon I had the same thoughts as you but then I realized it was still a lot lighter to carry a mirrorless camera and a couple of batteries than a full size DSLR. I would Google the battery life issue because I seem to remember reading something about changing some settings for the electronic viewfinder that saves battery. Good luck my friend and welcome back 😀

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  2. “Manual focusing is somewhat difficult. The screen displays magnified the view and, once the focus is done, it return to normal view and we can shoot.”
    You can configure and also disable this behaviour deep in the menues. Even better, program on/off for this function on a dedicated button of the camera.
    Concerning battery life: Make sure all those gimmicks like Wifi are set to off (“flight mode” should cover most/all when set to on).

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