Capture One

I’ve just found an editing tool that looks pretty good. It’s Capture One by Phase One. The version for Sony users is only 50 USD and the tool is working really fine. It is not destroying pictures and every tools are working good. Each tool except high light recovery.


Details, structure, clarity, they’re all there. Give it a try with the 30 days free trial. There is also a Pro version which is 299 USD. I didn’t try it.


It could be a good alternative for everybody that think Adobe Photoshop is too expensive.


6 thoughts on “Capture One

  1. A lot of Fuji users prefer Capture One over Adobe Lightroom for processing their RAW files. They say it does a better job when processing them. I have never tried it because when I switched from Nikon to Fuji I basically stopped shooting RAW because the Fuji JPEG files were so good.


    1. JPG are often really good. But in this case I should give a try to Sony’s RAW files. But they’re so heavy… I am sick of overloading my HDD with those RAW files. Anyway, Capture One is doing a good job with JPG though.

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  2. “The version for Sony users is only 50 USD…”
    The base version for Sony cameras is actually free and if you have spend that 50 bucks then you already have the PRO Version (just limited in use to Sony cameras only).
    I’ve ditched Lightroom two years ago for having the stellar and fast engine from Captuer One. Never go back.

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    1. Are you serious? 🙂 So you like it? I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a flash in the pan… The only thing I don’t like is the slowness of the software. I have a i7 last generation with a SSD and 8Go 1600mhz and it still have slow moments.

      Do you edit RAW files with it? Highlight recovering is a bit disappointing with JPG.


      1. Well on my very same machine, Capture One was definately faster than Lightroom (both, RAW processing and exports). I’m referring latest actual versions when I did the switch. Don’t know the very latest versions though.
        I tend to avoid JPG processing since it just has 8bit color depth by nature (explaining also your experience about bad highlight recovery). The Sony sensor should offer you already 12 or maybe 13bit in RAW at least at a base ISO 100 setting.


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