I don’t know if I told you already, but I rarely like the result of my pictures on the aspect of detail and precision. Maybe it has something to do with the poor Camera, my Canon T3… Maybe ^^

This is why I like the painting effect in Photoshop. It had precision, contrast but the way the picture is framed and the subject still mine.

I am a bit down lately about the pictures I do. I feel like I can see some kind of limits, I cannot define those limits that I feel but, I need to try different things, just to see if it could bring me somewhere else or, maybe make me stop doing picture.

It must have something to do with this damn T3…

8 thoughts on “T-Three

  1. Tout le monde peut avoir un petit coup de mou, une baisse de créativité, une saturation d’images ou une impression de toujours faire la même chose. Allez, prends un peu de repos, de recul et tout cela repartira de plus belle… 🙂
    Je te souhaite de belles images pour 2016 et au-delà !

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    1. d’accord avec vous, un peu de recul, pour se distancer du regard habituel qu’on porte sur les choses

      ne pas prendre de photo, se promener en regardant, pour regarder, peut-être avec un crayon et un carnet de pages blanches

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  2. I was always amazed at your images Mario (even before you were using Photoshop). All of us including myself sometimes are a little more critical of our own images than other peoples. Keep on clicking my friend its a new year and plenty of things to shoot and I wouldn’t change a thing with your images 🙂

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  3. On the one hand I know exactly how you feel, on the other – you take great shots and your T3, or any other camera, is an innocent object. Doubts are often the fuel of creativity, please don’t stop.


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