Bike Shooting

I was wondering… Should I go shooting or biking? Why not both? So this is what I did. Fresh air, rolling slowly, beautiful nature. I’ve seen some white tail but couldn’t picture them. We had a bit of snow this morning. Winter is slowly taking place. Good news!


19 thoughts on “Bike Shooting

  1. L’automne … c’est comme un feu d’artifice. On va de surprises en surprise, avec ses couleurs chatoyantes. Tes photos ne forcent pas sur les teintes… elles les effleurent. C’est un beau regard.
    Belle journée


  2. These are a great series of images Mario and I agree, why not do both. I have been doing the same thing and I bring my tiny little Nikon Coolpix A camera with me. I find there are so many places you can reach while biking that you normally can’t access when driving. It’s a new and liberating experience for me.


    1. Nice to know that you’re also enjoying this Joe! Bike is a great invention, and I also love the fact that you can reach places that you wouldn’t be able to by car. Places that are too far by foot. Thank you! 😀

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