Linux & friends to the garbage…

I tried very hard… Seriously. Yet I use to love those software when I started photography, but when you learn to use Adobe, you can’t get back to those software. They’re just destroying my pictures. I bought a software from Steam called Pixeluvo and… Well it’s a good software but there is no real RAW support. When I try to bring details out… Like I just said I feel like destroying the whole picture.

So I am back on Windows 10 and Adobe CC.

20 thoughts on “Linux & friends to the garbage…

  1. Beautiful work. I miss my iPhone and iPad a lot because I couldn’t do anything without filters. But now, I’m learning to embrace natural lighting and my clumsiness (which I’m discovering is immense). x


    1. This is not easy to keep everything natural. But there is not just filters, there is details, local contrast, etc… And when you have a Canon T3, you need something like photoshop to help reach these limits. 😉

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      1. Understood. If you’ve already published one, I’d like to see a workshop for one of your photo finishing sessions. If not, I’ll make do with post production notes. Thank you again.


  2. Great images Mario 🙂 I especially love the selfie in the sunglasses and the last one of you sticking your tongue out, LOL. I have to be honest with you Mario, I love your current collection of images but I also loved your older images also. I think it might have something to do with the talent behind the lens 🙂


  3. Great series.
    I’m really surprised that you give the old ‘life’ to the garbage, because you know how to work with. But all of my friends and colleague who are working with Photoshop are really happy with it.
    It’s difficult to decide, because I did not use it very often.
    Ok, let’s wait and see… 😀


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