Roboto Medley

Some other pictures form my Nexus 5.

Taking pictures with a cellphone is quick and easy. I like it. It’s like driving a car on a Sunday morning at 7 am… You just don’t care about anything. You click and it’s done. The rest of the work is about spending few minutes of fun in front of Snapseed, a Google app for photo editing. So you have to edit on your Android. which is something that I appreciate. Because it’s fast and easy. Sometimes it’s fun to work that way.

So far I think the Nexus 5 can give good result but… I wish I could give a try to the Nexus 6… I can clearly see a lack of performances in low light condition, which is bring a lot of noise. So this is why I am often heading for a damaged look on few pictures. I still like the result but I wish I could have better performances.


10 thoughts on “Roboto Medley

  1. Very cool shots Mario, I like the damaged look 🙂 A lot of people take images with there cell phones and get awesome results but personally I never got the hang of it and I have tried it a lot. I really wish I could get better at it.

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