Manual Camera For Android

I love doing photography with my mobile because, anyway, I always have it on me and it is light and I can keep it in my pockets. Added to this, I can do photofinishing directly on my phone and syncs or share my photos online.

Isn’t paradise?

But what is annoying on Android is the fact that the camera app would not let us free to take the picture as we want it : No manual focus, no manual exposure, etc …

Few things have changed lately on the Android system and, without going too deep into the geek language, I can say that these changes leads, among many others, to the possibility to add all these manual elements to any camera application.

Google has not done yet but, GD Software did it.

We’re all having access to this app called Camera Manual and it is available on the Google Play Store since May 17 2015.

I tried it and I adopted it.

But don’t go to fast and try first the Manual Camera Compatibility app that GD Software built for us. It will tell you what your phone can give you what it can’t.

Ok, this app isn’t free. You can buy it at around 4$, which is worth it. I truly appreciate it and, the only drawback is the fact that it is using a lot of the battery… As any other apps that use the screen.

Oh by the way, the shutter is so fast! As soon as you click it, you got the picture. Also you can do RAW images with it. I am still trying to manage this part and I will post about this aspect really soon.


What do you think?

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