35 things photographers do wrong (and how to stop doing them)


Here I only want to share a great post from Digital Camera World that is helping me so much right now. 35 tips that is helping to get the best from your camera.

Hope you’ll find something interesting.

It’s impossible to learn the art of photography without making a few mistakes along the way, but if you find yourself doing the same things wrong every time you pick up your camera, it’s probably worth getting to the bottom of it.

To help you, we’ve come up with 35 common photography problems that photographers are likely to encounter, and suggest ways that you can overcome them.

Below you’ll find advice for working out why your shots might be slightly blurred, why they might be darker or brighter than you expected, and why your composition could be letting you down. We’ve also compiled a list of other familiar camera-setting complaints and photography slip-ups that are sure to frustrate you at some point.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a an old hand with your camera, you’ll find lots of useful tips for helping you get to the bottom of your workflow woes, and getting to grips with the features available on your camera. And if you still have questions after all that, you know where we are…

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7 thoughts on “35 things photographers do wrong (and how to stop doing them)

    1. These four points are few things that I should work on…

      1 Not taking control of the AF point
      3 Not working hands-free
      6 Not making the most of manual focus
      9 Ignoring the histogram

      Last time I went out for photo, I’ve discovered how to zoom in the screen to sharpen the picture with manual focus. But I am soooo lazy and spontaneous Alexandra that I’ll never use a tripod (or maybe yes?). But I think I’ll check the histogram more often since it brings more of the pictures out.

      Glad you liked it Alex! 🙂


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