The El Niño effect

When El Niño is calm at the equator, the St-Lawrence’s region is experiencing a winter that deserve is name. We didn’t have much days with temperatures above -20°C (-4°F). This actually means less snow than usual and MORE snow for my fellow bloggers from USA. Still, I can go snowshoes upon a meter of snow at least and I can go for a walk and breathe this freezing air.

…and what gives an early wake + outdoor activities under -20°C ? That gives the bears snoring at 7h00 PM…



11 thoughts on “The El Niño effect

  1. Is this year a good one without El Niño? We have nice winter weathers here, not too cold, a little under zero many weeks. In northern country it’s colder.


    1. I know that Scandinavia (where you live?) is not that cold. But in my own opinion, winter has to be cold and if winter could be always around -20°C, I would be happy.

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      1. I live in southern Finland, Hämeenlinna. Nowadays the winters are too warm, I also like the cold, but the ideal would be -5 to -10 °C. Sometimes Temperature here is below -20 or -30°C, but the record is probably about -42°C in the north. Less than -20°C can be good weather, when there is no wind. Have a nice day!


    1. Je viens de trouver ton message dans les spams…. Comment tout à coup, un de tes commentaires peut arriver dans les spams et pas les autres?

      En effet il aura fait frette en sautadit… Mais je les aime comme ça moi. Je n’aime pas les hivers chauds. ;p


      1. Ça alors, en effet, c’est bizarre que mon message se soit retrouvé dans les spams… ah les mystères de l’internet !
        Tant mieux alors si tu aimes les hivers froids, on est servi cette année ! ;-P


  2. Love the way you see things Mario – this is a gorgeous image.
    Man, -20 deg C is cold. At our coldest where I live in Australia, we might get -15 deg C in an extreme winter and it doesn’t snow every year.


    1. I love cold and snow Robyn. If it could stay between -30 and +25°C I’ll be happy. I can’t support higher than 25°C is there is lot humidity. Thanks for your comment Robyn!

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