24 thoughts on “китка

  1. wonderful images, Meho 🙂
    interesting title too… why did you choose this title? 🙂
    so Meho is your artistic name?) good to know the real name too 🙂 🙂
    again… add the share buttons back 😀


    1. Meho is little by little dying… Taking back my real name.

      While I was looking for a title, I don’t know exactly… I think I was looking for tranlating « Meddley » and looking in Google translate. When I was looking for which one language to use, I’ve seen « Bulgarian » and thought about you. 🙂

      Hey what’s going on with those share buttons. I did it Alexandra I swear! I activated Facebook and Google Plus. Don’t see them?

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  2. aww, sooo sweet 🙂 китка means flower or bouquet of many flowers in Bg 🙂 it’s a bit archaic and poetic… 🙂 now I like the set even more 🙂

    ah, I see the sharing buttons… you can always add more 😉


    1. Oh funny, that mean the same in french but it’s dried flowers that suppose to smell good but that actually smell a bit strong. We use this mainly in wardrobe. :p


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