Winter Knight


14 thoughts on “Winter Knight

  1. I so want to try a shot like that one with the snow in the headlights… LOVE it!! did you use a tripod? were you on manual focus? where did you focus in the frame?

    ps. why are there no sharing buttons under your photos anymore, Meho?


    1. Hi Alex, No I did not use a tripod. I just increased up ISO for some pictures and for some other, I was at 100 or maybe 400 ISO but if you point directly to the headlights You’ll be able to reach a good shutter speed and freeze the snow. I was on manual focus and I usually focus without looking by the camera. I adjust the focus manually based on a distance that I believe will be good.

      I removed the share buttons because nobody was using them….

      Have a good night Alexandra. 😉


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